During the past decade, Mainly Silver Design has transformed itself into one of the leading silver jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. With its willingness to move forward by embracing new technology and by making timely investments in its manufacturing facilities, MSD has been able to overcome many challenges over the years and succeeded to adapt itself to the ever-changing demands from the global jewelry markets.
Our modern and purpose-built factory is dedicated to offer complete jewelry manufacturing process under one roof with its workforce of more than 500 employees.
We have in our showroom over 50K designs suitable for all markets and also for giving inspiration to develop new products according to our clients’ needs.
All our products are developed by using new technology like 3D graphics and prototyping equipment as well as traditional handmade craft.
Our sophisticated wax-injection line, supported by its High-Tech capability, provides speed and quality in our casting process that allow us to be on time for deliveries.
The entire casting facilities give us the capacity required to satisfy demanding clients with special needs and/or with high volume orders.
Throughout our whole manufacturing process, the use of new technology allows us to attain a high level of precision and quality for our products.
Our mechanical department can satisfy the stamping and milling demands to make light weight and competitive products.
The final and crucial step in our production process is to give our customers’ products the right finish and protection to endure the wear and tear from daily usage by end users.
In order to make sure that our products can pass more and more demanding international quality standards, we have a strict Q.A. procedure and Q.C. process which are supported by the use of the latest X-Ray analyzer.